As we’ve written before, we do our own PR work here at vod:pod. Since it’s now 2007, it’s high time I provide a recap of some recent coverage in the blogosphere of our service.

The BlogHerald wrote a nice, detailed review over the holiday break. Here’s the summary:

OVERALL: vod:pod has a rich feature set that is easy to use. You can make your videos public or private; consequently, could see people using it to share home movies, weddings, or travel logs. For others it will be a convenient way to collect and share interesting videos that they find online. The pod videos widget alone is worth the site registration, and the future plans for domain mapping and subscription services make it an interesting choice for anyone looking to monetize their own content.

RATING: 8.5 out of 10

Today, we found saw this gem on WidgetsLab : is an easy to use, free service that allows you to save your favorite videos to “Pods”. There is also a social network to VodPod that allows you to see what is popular in the community and add friends if you want. is still in beta and they list under 1000 members as of 01/08/2007 but I can see VodPod growing very rapidly in the near future.

We appreciate those fine sentiments.

Finally, we also noticed a mention on the BeekerIdeas blog today via our trackbacks:

I’ve been faffing around a bit with vod:pod lately after spying their logo on a video here and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a bit in love with it.

Thanks for that!

Now admidst all the good news, we should note that we did lose one user. HuggyBear wrote in his Vox blog that vod:pod was on his “cull” list (along with, iLike, and Digg came close) as we “aren’t able to offer anything that’s already in Vox.” We wrote HuggyBeat to tell him we were disappointed, but understood. We think the clear differences between vod:pod and Vox (and basic blogging services) will be much more apparent in the coming weeks — and we intend to win HuggyBear back as a regular user of vod:pod. Stay tuned!