The easiest way to collect videos on Vodpod with with our “Save to Vodpod” button. It works on literally thousands of sites that provide Flash videos with an embed code (3500 and counting as of April 25, 2008) and lets you save video to your collection with a click. You can also use it to post videos to your blog.

How does it work? Say you’re browsing the web, and find a video you want to collect:

Jlick on your “Share Videos” bookmarklet or your Orange Vodpod “Save Videos” button from your browser (get it here if you haven’t already done so).

You’ll see a pop-up window that looks something like this:

Write a comment — people want to know why you like it! — add some tags (so you can keep your collection organized) and click save. That’s it. It literally takes seconds; we do the rest of the work for you.

You can also post the video to your blog (or Twitter, or Tumblr) too. Just click the “Post to Blog” tag, choose your blog platform, enter your blog URL and credentials (you only have to do this once), write your post and click to publish. You’re done!

Get the button here. We have a Firefox extension (pictured above) or “bookmarklet” versions that for your bookmark toolbar for IE, Firefox, Safari and Camino.

If you click the “Save to Vodpod” button but don’t see the preview for the video you want to add, don’t panic. Instructions on what to do here.

If you have installed the button but it isn’t showing up on your toolbar, click “Tools” then “Add-ons” and make sure that the extension is in fact installed. If it is, but doesn’t show up, try the following:

1. Make sure you’ve restarted Firefox after installing.

2. Make sure your Navigation toolbar is on (it probably is, but just checking). The “Save to Vodpod” extension is displayed on the Navigation toolbar (along with the back, forward and home buttons, the URL box, etc).

3. Go to your Navigation bar customization menu and try to drag it on to your Navigation toolbar. To do that, right click (PC) or Apple Command-click (Mac) and click “Customize.” Then drag the orange Vodpod button up to your Firefox toolbar. One of our members, Steve Hornik, has made a great video showing how he did this here: