WordPress.com is a great, free blogging platform. Scott and I both use it for our personal blogs.

Happily for WordPress.com users, our Vodpod widget is built in as a sidebar widget. The terrific folks at WordPress have even produced a wonderful video that explains how to install our widget on WordPress.com:

Here are the steps to add and then configure your Vodpod widget on WordPress.com:

First, login to WordPress.com, click “Appearance” and then “Widgets.”

You’ll see a menu of WordPress.com widgets. They’re organized alphabetically, so scroll down to the bottom, and then drag the Vodpod Videos widget over to your sidebar area.

(This video does a nice job showing you how to add a widget to your WordPress.com blog sidebar).

Then, just paste the code provided at Vodpod.com for your widget into the form and click the “Save” button and your done.

Instructions on how to get the right code from Vodpod.com for your widget are here.