Since we opened our doors a couple of days ago, well over one hundred new pods have been started.

We wanted to highlight a few.

Michael Feger’s Spinal Cord Injury pod impresses. It’s a great example of someone who has built a Pod for a community of people with similar interests; and Michael’s pod is also obviously for a very good cause.

Member Philapple has started the Apple pod, flush with videos that will make you Apple fan boys glow with excitement (especially with the holidays approaching!).

Philapple has also started the lovel Scarlett Johanssen pod, very nice.

Filmmaker and writer Lance Weiler has created a pod for his movie Head Trauma — it looks really scary.

He’s been especially nice to put a hi-res version of his trailer up (so you can put it on your iPod if you want) as well as some shorter, hi-res clips. Worth a look, but we don’t recommend watching while you’re alone in your home, at night!

Indie Musica is a great music video pod from Cedmax. We’re enjoying the videos there quite a bit. It shows you how friends can put together a collection of videos to watch with their friends.

There are quite a few podders (couldn’t resist, it may become an officially sanctioned term) who have started personal pods. Check out Chris Lee, Von Noodles, Webcruiser, and Mal Burns. We didn’t necessarily plan it this way, but it seems like one of the things vod:pod does well is to provide a way to tell your friends what to watch, and what you’re watching. We’ll be making changes that make this easier, more fun, and more obvious in the coming days.

Finally, we should point out that some great pods have been started by early testers of the service in October and November. These include the Birds’n’Wildlife pod by Aviceda, the related Australian Birds pod from birdinggreynomads, and the unicyclist pod started by klownlife. Do check them out!