Hey Twitterers! Our vod:pod three-step now works with Twitter.

All you need is to start a Pod, and then put the del.icio.us-like “I’m Watching” button on your browser. It just takes seconds to get set up.

Next time you see a video on YouTube or dozens of other video sharing sites, just click the “I’m watching” button. With that one click you’ll:

1. Add it to your Pod.

2. Add it to your blog (if you have a vod:pod widget on your blog).

3. And, drumroll please, send a Twitter message to your Twitter friends if you use the “I loved it” or “LOL’d” emoticons (you should only tell your friends about the really good stuff, right?).

To enable vod:pod to work with your Twitter account, just go to your vod:pod profile page (click on your name at the top right), click “Edit Profile” and sign in with your Twitter username and password (so we can send the messages through the Twitter API).

It’s, um, very beta-ish. We hope it’s a fun addition to the fun you’re already having on Twitter. If you enable this, judicious use of the “LOL’d” and “Love it” emoticons is best, so you don’t spam your Twitter friends. We’d love your input on how to make it better.