The news from Haiti since Tuesday this past week has been devastating and emotionally overwhelming.

If you haven’t do so yet, can we recommend giving whatever you can to help clothe, feed, shelter and get medical assistance to those who have been devastated by the earthquake in Haiti? has an excellent list of top charities where your donation can have the biggest impact.

If you are trying to follow the story and the latest developments, Vodpod members are aggregating the latest videos about the disaster from literally hundreds of different video sites. You can follow the latest news at the “Haiti” tag page on Vodpod:

A number of individual Vodpod members should be called out. Unicef has a collection on Vodpod that provides video updates about their relief efforts in Haiti. Sayfie Review, the online political site focused on Florida, has aggregated many relevant videos with particular emphasis on the connection to the Haitian community in Floriday. Political bloggers like Dailygadfly and Joshuablog are also focused on the crisis, and Stacyx has been documenting Secretary of State Clinton’s visit to Haiti today.