Today we’re excited to announce Vodpod is on the phone, with mobile apps available for both the iPhone and Android phones.

We don’t want to get all Steve Jobs on you, but these new apps offer a revolutionary — dare we say it, magical? — way to find and watch video, no matter where you are.

At the heart of each app is our feed — a stream of videos collected, recommended, or commented on by the people you follow on Vodpod.  Following Vodpod collectors who share your tastes and interests introduces a great new way — the best way, we think —  to find and watch video from 10,000s of sites on the web. It’s social video discovery. And the feed you get when you follow folks on Vodpod is particularly well-suited to the mobile world.

Tapping on a video thumbnail in the feed will take you to a video page, where you can see more details about the video, and collect, comment on, or recommend it — right from your phone.

Oh — and you can watch the video, too! On Android 2.2 phones and higher, which include support for Flash, you’ll be able to watch most videos on Vodpod. On the iPhone — which only supports HTML5 videos — you’ll be able to watch about 70% of the videos in your feed — including videos from sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo,, Funny or Die, and The Onion among others. As more sites support HTML5 video over the coming months, we expect that number to creep closer to 100%.

In addition to watching videos in your feed, you can browse your collection from the phone so you can show off your favorites to your friends. You can also upload videos you take with your phone to Vodpod. Nifty, eh?

The iPhone and Android apps were developed by Ali Shah and Kyle Kingsbury, respectively. They’re built on the Vodpod API — so others can build similar apps, or incorporate Vodpod into their existing apps. Ali (an intern with us this summer as part of the True Entrepreneur Corps) and Kyle have written posts about their apps with more technical detail if you’re interested. Ali’s post is here, Kyle’s is here.

Of course, the API and these apps are simply manifestations of our underlying Vodpod service and could not exist without it. In that sense, they’re the product of our work as a team, and illustrate the unique data asset built by our members.

Enough cheerleading. What these apps are really about are watching videos — great videos, from 10,000s of sites on the web, curated and chosen by our great collectors. That device in your pocket just got a lot more fun.