We’re always looking for more ways to make it easier for our users to collect videos on Vodpod. Today we’re introducing the Share on Vodpod button for use on other websites. No doubt you’ve seen Digg and Tweet buttons, not to mention Facebook’s (infamous?) Like buttons. The Share on Vodpod button is a similar idea, to help you add videos you find on other sites to your Vodpod collection.

We’re encouraging video hosts and content sites to add the Vodpod button to their websites. Making it easier to add videos to Vodpod can help your videos get more views from the 10 million+ visitors who come to Vodpod every month. Adding the button is super easy – just a link and a line of Javascript.

By the way, in addition to our custom button, we’ve also added official Oexchange support to Vodpod.com. This makes Vodpod a standard Oexchange target, including standard support for passing us a Flash SWF resource. This makes it easy to support Vodpod via your own button, custom share menu, or a universal share menu like AddToAny.