Hey, we’re hiring!

And if you dream of doing work that has an impact, that is seen and used by tens of millions of people — but in a small and lean startup instead of a bloated, bureaucratic big company — we have the perfect job for you.

What are we looking for? Someone who can create elegant and simple-to-use interfaces and execute them with HTML, CSS and Javascript, JJQuery, etc. Someone who is deeply interested in social networks and social media (you blog and you Tweet and you Facebook); and who is fascinated by new gadgets and new types of user experiences.

We’re a hungry, lean startup, but let’s be clear — this is a real job, at a real company, with big ambitions and aspirations. We’re funded (by TrueVentures, backers of WordPress, Gigaom, Makerbot, TypeKit, Bandcamp, About.me and others), stable and growing.

Our website is visited by over 10M people every month, and we’re about to make a big splash on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android platforms. So this is an opportunity to make a real impact on how millions of people find and watch videos — on the web, on their phones, on tablets and on TV.

Check out the job description (or send it to a friend) and be in touch if you think you’re the one.