You may have noticed, things have been quiet around here the past few months. We tried to provide some clues about what we’ve been doing without spilling the beans entirely.

Today, finally, we can tell you. We’re proud to launch our second product, the first social video app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s called Showyou. And it’s simple, and extremely fun, to use.

Showyou let’s you see all the videos shared by your friends on Facebook and people you follow on Twitter — and indeed Vodpod — in one place, on your iPad or iPhone or iPod Touch. You can share and talk videos with your friends, without worrying about cluttering up your Facebook or Twitter feeds. And, if you have an Apple TV (version 2.0) you can use Showyou with your television — it’s the ultimate remote control.

Given we run Vodpod, why did we build a second product? Why not make Vodpod for the iPad? Because as much as we think Swiss Army knives are nifty, we’re think it’s best to use the right tool for the job. And Vodpod is, first and foremost, a tool for making your own video channel — with any video from any video-sharing site, that you can share with anyone, anywhere. It’s a tool for curation, for publishing. And where we’ve gotten into trouble with Vodpod historically is when we tried to make it into something other than that.

When we starting thinking about building this product last fall, we wanted to build an app that made it fun and easy to watch videos from your friends. We felt the iPad, in particular, was an awesome device for watching videos but that there were no good, let alone great, apps for finding and discovering videos on the iPad (or iPhone, or iPod Touch). Or for talking the videos you love with your friends. And so we decided to build a second product; to make the right tool for the job — Showyou.

The beauty of this approach is that Showyou and Vodpod are almost perfect complements. You can use either one independently of the other. But connect them and you get that chocolate + peanut butter goodness (we’ll make sure we say “synergy” in our powerpoint slide).

Connect your Vodpod account on Showyou, and you’ll see videos from the purposefully-curated you follow on Vodpod alongside videos your friends have shared via Facebook, or that people you follow have shared on Twitter. Showyou gives our Vodpod members a whole new outlet and potential audience for their hand-crafted video channels.

Finally, this: Vodpod and Showyou are made from the startup DNA. At their core is this belief — that the best way to find videos is through people who share your tastes and interests.

So, loyal friends and Vodpod members, say hello to a new app from the team that made Vodpod. We hope — and think — you’ll love it.